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For more information call 01604 647770
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Arin Abraham

Arin Abraham - Social Mediator


Why I love working for Atlantic...

The team here are incredibly dedicated people who try their hardest to get discounts out to people who deserve them.

In another life I would like to be...

An artist, I'm really interested in all forms of art although I'm just really bad at it.

My guilty pleasure is...

Poetry, I read a lot of them and write my own as well.

If I were to do karaoke I would sing...

"Che la luna" by Louis Prima or "Eee-O Eleven" performed by Sammy Davis Jr.

When I was younger I wanted to be...

An astronaut

If I were a celebrity I would be famous for...

Really bad mug-shots featured in newspapers.

Why should people join

Because discounts for the forces are really hard to come by and free discounts are nice to have!