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Rewards for Forces

The Olympic Games

"One of the defining features of the Olympic Games will be the involvement and the commitment of our armed services."

So said Games organiser Lord Coe last week during a visit to Hainault, the temporary camp set up in Essex to house the 3,500 troops called in to help provide security during the London 2012 Games.

According to an article in The Independent, the LOCOG chairman said: "The reason I'm here is really out of gratitude.

"To thank those guys for stepping in, admittedly quite late in the day and also to thank their families who I know have possibly had some of their summer plans disrupted."

The troops were drafted in at the last minute as a response to concerns over the security due to provided by G4S.

Operation Olympics has seen servicemen and women provide support to the police and other civil and Olympic authorities to ensure the Games have been safe and secure.

Among their duties they have provided specialist support through (thankfully not required) bomb disposal teams, venue search teams, maritime policing in Weymouth and on the Thames, stewarding and airport-style security.

It is not the first time this year that our armed forces have stepped into the breach. Back in April, teams of soldiers were given special training in preparation for the then very realistic prospect of a strike by petrol tanker drivers.

The efforts of our armed forces during a national triumph like the Olympic Games is just another reason why Rewards for Forces was set up.

The Rewards for Forces scheme offers discounts for servicemen and women with big name companies such as National Express, Virgin Holidays, easyJet, Butlins, StenaLine and Bupa.

In all, servicemen and women, past and present, can take advantage of deals with 1,300 companies.

With these offers former soldiers, sailors and airmen can save between £550 and £1,000 a year in shops, restaurants, hotels and on holidays.

Rewards for Forces started when we heard that one ex-squaddie, who had recently returned from military operations, was denied a discount in a major high street store.

A student in front of him was given one. It didn't seem right.

Anyone who is part of the forces community can benefit from the offers on our website.

In order to be able to keep offering these amazing discounts we need as many businesses as possible to become part of the Rewards for Forces scheme.

Companies that become Rewards for Forces businesses will benefit from thousands of servicemen and women accessing their products online or in store.

So whether you are a current or former member of our forces, or a business that wants to help recognise the Olympic-sized sacrifice they make for us we would love to welcome you to the Rewards for Forces family.

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