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Rewards for Forces

About Rewards For Forces

Take advantage of discounts of 5 per cent with Virgin Holidays to places like Las Vegas, Barbados and Dubai.

Earn savings with big names like easyJet, Butlins, StenaLine, Bupa, Abacus and many, many more.

These are the kind of offers that the Rewards For Forces business is built on.

Servicemen and women, past and present, can take advantage of deals with 1,300 companies.

With these offers former soldiers, sailors and airmen can save between £550 and £1,000 a year in shops, restaurants, hotels and on holidays.

Rewards for Forces all started when we heard that one ex-squaddie, who had recently returned from military operations, was denied a discount in a major high street store.

A student in front of him was given one. It didn't seem right.

Rewards for Forces hopes to do something about that.

Anyone who is part of the forces community can benefit from the offers on our website.

Serving personnel and their partners in the Navy, Army, Air Force and Veterans, Service Widows/Widowers, Reservists, Cadets, MOD Civil Servants and the Royal British Legion are all welcome.

Visiting members of the American and Canadian forces are also eligible to use the website.

Rewards for Forces also offers members a free monthly newsletter featuring the latest offers, news reviews and super deals.

There is even a special Rewards for Forces identification card so that servicemen and women don't miss out on the available offers.

In order to be able to keep offering these amazing discounts we need as many businesses as possible to become part of the Rewards for Forces scheme.

Companies that become Rewards for Forces businesses will benefit from thousands of servicemen and women accessing their products online or in store.

They will also become Forces FavouredFavoured Stores. Nothing gets discussed more than the news of meaningful discounts. Our forces will support companies that support them.

And those businesses can also benefit from the publicity that Rewards for Forces also gets through outlets like the forces press and radio, as well as national magazines, newspapers and social networking sites.

So whether you are a current or former member of our forces, or a business that wants to help recognise the amazing sacrifice they make for us we would love to welcome you to the Rewards for Forces family.